I have been seeing Bob for years. He is one of the best masseurs in the local area. He concentrates on the back, glutes, legs and feet. The massage is sensual without being too much like some. I know many people question his rates that are so low and wonder if he is really worth it. But I can say that if you are in need of massage for a low rate this is the guy that needs to be your regular.  Joe.


From: William
Subject: Thanks Robert
To: "R.R." <massotherapybyrob@yahoo.com>
It was nice meeting with you today. I really enjoyed the massage! It certainly helped my back, etc.
You are a great guy & a good massouse. Keep up the good work.
I'll call you by the end of the month.

From: Gary
To: Robert <massotherapybyrob@yahoo.com>
Subject: Massage

Thanks so much for session on Tuesday. I still feel great today. 
I really enjoyed the work on the back and legs.
I will see you again in two weeks.

From: John
Subject: Re: Massage...
To: mailto:massotherapybyrob@yahoo.com

hey bob--

Loved your massage last time...

Feel relaxed all over, backache and tension is gone, not sure for how long though.

it was great. Obviously, would have to see more regularly to keep the benefits.

I will be scheduling with you again in a week or so


From: Will
Subject: Thanks for the massage 
To: "R. R." <massotherapybyrob@yahoo.com> 

Thanks for the massage last night. You did an
excellent job. I really feel relaxed and my backache is gone, just like I hoped. 
Thanks again. I'll be in touch in a month or so.