Important notes:

For some folks and in some cases using headrest cradle may become a discomfort because it may cause sinuses, and/or stiff neck. The following statement may not apply to you, but please read it beforehand and become aware:

  • When I am massaging your back and back body parts if you start getting tired of keeping your head into headrest cradle, you can position your head sideways on the soft cushion of the headrest instead of locking your face into the cradle. Or, you can slide a few inches down the table and position your head sideways on flat surface of the table. After a couple of minutes without using headrest if you think you are better off using headrest, feel free slide up back to the top of the table and resume using headrest cradle. You can find yourself better off not using headrest cradle and just positioning flat on a table, which is fine as long as you are comfortable.
  • If your weight exceeds 230 lb, you may need much deeper muscular tissue massage and may not get obvious benefits from my massage.  If it is the case, please accept my apology, but I may not be able to provide you with the massage because you may need much stronger touch. 
  • The other reason I need to know your weight is because my massage table may not hold people whose weight exceeds 240 LB.
  • I mostly use Swedish Effleurage Massage Oil to moisturize the skin during my massage sessions. In case you do not feel comfortable to be totally uncovered for your massage, you may choose to be draped with a sheet or towel. I would like to note that shoulders, upper and lower back, thighs, upper legs and calf muscles are the most tension-accumulated areas of the body.

I do not really recommend to take a shower at my place right before your massage because it would be hard for me to work on damp skin right away. Some exceptions may be made, but I would not recommend to take a shower right before your massage for the sake of your own benefits from massage.

Post-Massage Care

  • It is not unusual to experience some soreness after the first two or three massages because the body releasing toxins. To elevate these sores, you can take a bath and soak for about twenty minutes. It is recommended consume as much of any liquid as possible in twenty-four hours after massage.
  • It is beneficial to wait 1-2 hours after massage before taking a shower to preserve the benefits from your massage you have just had.
  • Please consider  taking a warm shower or soaking in bathtub for a few minutes once it passed 1-2 hours after your massage or before night sleep

Satisfying your needs and preferences

Please help me determine your needs and preferences by indicating your brief answers to the following questions.

To save your time please copy and paste the following questions into your email message body or respond briefly by indicating question number followed by (Y, N) or your brief answer or just state that you have no objections to what is being asked in the questions.  If you are not sure of the answer to any of the questions listed, time short or don't just feel like answering, please disregard these questions and let me know briefly what you are expecting from your massage. Neck, upper/lower back, gluts (hips), front and back of thighs, calf muscles are critically important areas to concentrate during therapeutic/sports body massage because those areas carry most of tension in human body. During my massage sessions I am commonly devoting most of the time to the body parts I have listed above. 

  • Please let me know your height and weight.
  • Are there any body parts besides the ones I have listed above, you want me concentrating on during your massage session? In other words, are there any body parts you experience soreness or discomfort?
  • Will you be able to position on your front for about 30-45 minutes while I am focusing on your shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet?  Please let me know if 30-45 minutes is too long for you to position face down.
  • Are there any body parts you do not want me to massage?
  • Do you expect me to apply deeper or lighter pressure when I am concentrating on your upper, mid and lower back?
  • Would you mind me using massage oil to smooth skin and prevent dry effects on the skin during your session?
  • Would you like to use a headrest cradle to support your head or just position flat on massage table?
  • Please let me know what days/times would you be available to get together with me for massage and how soon.


{Optional] Please list the website name you have found my massage listing on.